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Dark Skin vs. Light Skin- #NoShade Introduction

There isn’t a clear cut answer as to what it means to be a black man in America, but Tre Thomas’ Documentary Dark Skin vs Light Skin- #NoShade combines the narratives of five black men to get a glimpse into their experiences.


In an attempt to capture the wide spectrum of experiences black men face, the men in the documentary are of different complexions: actor Quincy Chad of Orange Is The New Black and TV Personality/Fitness Guru Quinten Barnard are brown skinned; marketer Alexander Tyree and Wilhelmina model Terrell Prigden are light skinned; and model Rashad Irvin is dark skin. All five men share the same racial identity but slightly different experiences due to their skin color, hair texture, etc.

Photographer: Drew Koritzer/@Drew__K-

Tre Thomas, the mind behind the campaign and documentary, was inspired by the recent back to back killings of black men and women at the hands of the police and a job offer that never manifested into a job. “Sometimes motivation starts from anger,” Tre said. “The recent situations against Black America has not only saddened me, but caused me to be angry.”


Although he’s not able to actively fight on the frontlines of the battle for justice like the people he encounters from working for Al Sharpton, Tre is using this documentary/campaign as a tool to squash stigmas against black men. “Instead of negative perceptions, I want people to hear the ugly but see the beauty and transition it all into positivity via a documentary.”


Here’s the first video to kick-start the docuseries!


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