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David E. Talbert Believes The Audience Will Expect A lot Of Emotions Watching “Almost Christmas”

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The holiday movie “Almost Christmas” set to release tomorrow in theaters. People are excited to see how great this dramedy type of film can be. Fans should know that the director of this movie, David E. Talbert, believes they will have a lot of laughs and emotions. In a conference call with Bleu, he also talks about how this film was made and what’s next on his agenda as a filmmaker.

BLEU: What was it like being a director and writer for this movie?

Talbert:  Well it was great. Anytime you can write something and you can it finance, and cast, and distributed, it’s a win. The fact that it just happens into something good, it’s more than a win for you.

B: How did you get the idea on making this type of movie?

T: No I had an idea to make a holiday because I love holiday movies like “This Christmas,” “A Christmas Story,” and “Soul Food.” I love them so I said I want to make my own because there hasn’t been one with an African American cast in a long time.

B: How was the casting process like?

T. It was amazing. It’s easy to cast a film when Packer is producing because all these stars are rolling with it.

B: What was it was like getting Danny Glover, Gabrielle Union, JB Smoove or even Jessie Usher?

T: Well Danny Glover it was a bit of fan frenzy for me because you’re a fan first to these folks. You have an icon walking in the room and Mo’Nique you have an oscar winning actress in the room, and Gabrielle, who’s been in movies longer than I can remember. You end up looking at wow you have an all-star cast here. People who have been doing it here for a while and then the next generation like Jessie Usher and DC Young Fly.

B: When you made this cast what it made it so special?

T: Well what made it special is that people gave me the respect and they were collaborated because everyone took ownership of the project. It wasn’t a thing where okay you only got me two hours a day, like what do you need David or hey what if we did this David. It was really a true collaboration between me and all the casting, producers and crew members.

B: As a viewer what should they expect from this Christmas movie?

T: Lots of laughs, lots of heart. Surprising lots of emotion. I think people will come here and they are going to feel something that they haven’t felt for a movie in a while.

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