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Design Your Home With The Planner 5D

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Nowadays it is easy to design homes with an app than hiring a home designer. They can easily help visualize a person’s home and shows them how a room would be like. Well using the Planner 5D, which has emerged as the leader of mobile home styling apps, it can not only help with interior designs but customize every piece of furniture, and making an easy tool for individuals.


More than 18 million people tried the app and over 100,000 use it every day. The Planner 5D also offers VR, giving users the option to choose texture, color and size of all the pieces of furniture used in the design. This unique app really does have all the details and necessary components in satisfying an individual’s needs.


“We decided to create an app for ourselves to help with our home re-design, but then we realized that millions of people had the same need for an easy-to-use, customizable tool to create the home of their dreams,” said Alexey Sheremetyev, one of the founders. “As the app entered the marketplace, we adjusted it to the ever-changing desires of our clientele, offering intuitive design and even a virtual reality option. People who have been using home design apps are now more sophisticated in the art of interior design, and demand customizable features.”


Find out more about it at www.planner5d.com.

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