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DKNY’s Newest Creative Masterminds



“We both grew up in New York, and DKNY has always been part of the landscape of this city. It is one of the brands that helped change the game for us and for American fashion. It evokes everything our city was always about—energy, disruption, new thinking, and transcending all boundaries. We are extremely proud and excited to be joining the company and to contribute to the next chapter of DKNY, one of the most iconic American brands created by Donna Karan, a true inspiration.”

Big ups to Public School designers, Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne on landing their new role as DKNY’s newest creative directors. This dynamic duo is exactly what DKNY needs in the midst of redefining their New York groove and gearing it towards a new, and young demographic. These two design masterminds will begin their craft immediately and split up their time between both companies. In addition to Chow and Osborne’s introduction, Hector Muelas, who was previously with Apple, will be DKNY’s new Chief Image Officer, in charge of handling all brand image, marketing and creative services for Donna Karan International, as well as all digital platforms and e-commerce.The brands creator, Donna Karan is backing these distinct moves full force. Walking into a new venture with 3 new male positions is monumental, and is sure to be amazing.


“I started DKNY with the goal of creating a brand that captured the very best of New York and could bring that great energy to the world. It’s been an incredible journey. Now is the right moment for its evolution and I am so excited for the next chapter of this company working together with this new creative team.”

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