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DMX Back With New Single ‘Bain Iz Back ft. Swizz Beatz’

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Hardcore rap artist DMX is back with his new single “Bain Iz Back” featuring Swiss Beatz.


After he was warning everyone about his return in music and taking over 2017, he kicks it off releasing this track. Swiss comment on DMX’s focus for the new music.


“See, the thing is you can always want something for somebody, but they have to want that for themselves” said Swizz according to Respect. Right? Like, we can all want DMX 100,000 times. But if he’s not mentally there and spiritually there, it’s an empty space. This man’s been showing up to the studio before me, been showing up to shows before me, being on time.”


Both of these stars combined their talents and sounds in making this intriguing single. Check it out below.


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