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Donald Trump Vs Snoop Dogg Officially Begins

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The feud between Donald Trump and Snoop Dogg officially begins based on this tweet.



No question Snoop Doog been part of numerous beefs with other rappers, whether it’s on the East or West coast. He has dealt with them in many ways and squandered it just like any other beef. But now he is going to have one with the president of the Untied States in Donald J. Trump.


In the past Trump has said some ridiculous statements on Twitter or in press conferences. He looks to make a fool of himself but doesn’t care because it is his thoughts. However, watching the Snoop Dogg music video titled “Nightfall Remix” made him write this particularity tweet. At 7:02 a.m., the world replied and retweet on his thoughts towards Barack Obama, which doesn’t make sense. Snoop Dogg knew what he was doing pulling that stunt during the music video, and yet this is only the beginning.


Hopefully it becomes a promising and intriguing feud. Check out the music video below.


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