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Don’t Call It A Throw Back: TOML’s Nostalgic T-Shirt

Based out of Morristown, Tennessee, this street-wear clothing brand has quite the message to convey. The brand name itself speaks volumes. The acronym TOML stands for Times Of My Life, stemming from their pop-cultural influences depicted on their apparel. Inspired by people who are excited with all of the facets of life and never wanting it’s intrigue to end,this apparel line encourages people to build lasting memories.


Outside of creating new moments, remembering ones that helped shape a culture are important as well. Harping on creating and building lasting memories, TOML just released it’s Nostalgia Shirt, taking everyone back a bit with a few highlights from the urban world’s pop culture like; Boys In the Hood, All That, Bad Boys, Fresh Prince and even Menace II Society. 


Check out and shop the rest of their collection here.

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