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Don’t Sleep On These Sneaks


We’re all too familiar and “up on game” with Nike’s new releases; we set alarms for Saturday morning Jordan releases, and pre-order the newest Adidas on apps. It’s about time to familiarize ourselves with these new up and coming sneaker brands.




The brand’s range of low- and hi-tops are not only highly rated by those in the industry – Feit’s Bio Trainer (top) is a luxe running sneaker that’s “the world’s first 100 per cent biological handmade trainer” – but they are also some of the most comfortable on the market.

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Article Number


While many brands prefer the pared-down, minimal look, there’s something refreshing about Article Number’s unabashedly retro, out there designs.

Bringing an edge to traditional minimal, monochrome sneakers, the brand mixes advanced materials like neoprene with classic Nappa leather, creating statement silhouettes for the peacock in you.

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Filling Pieces


A little more affordable than most premium trainer brands, Filling Pieces are renowned for their high quality construction and textures – expect snakeskin, paint splashes, neoprene and paisley.

“Filling Pieces occupies the space between street style and luxury,” says Cross. “In a short space of time, they’ve produced designs that are subtly branded yet recognizable, and there’s a real feeling of cohesion across the whole range.”

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