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Drake And The Toronto Raptors Are Balling In Style!





The Toronto Raptors are making some noise this season, starting off with a great 7-1 record. Last night Lou Williams played in Drake’s OVO Retro III’s to coordinate perfectly with their Veteran’s Day camo uniforms. Drake became the global ambassador for his home town team last year. Outside of making executive decisions within this organization he is going hard court side, cheering his team on for victory. We all know how important Toronto is for Drake, what better way to represent an organization than lacing a few of his players up with his signature Retro III’s.





Lou Williams (above) drives against defender, Ben Gordon for two points. Lou finished the game with 14 points and a win against Orlando Magics. Toronto Raptors now prepares for the next opponent, Derek Rose and the Chicago Bulls this Thursday Night. Let’s see who shows up in style ready to play!

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