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Electric & Rose: The New Lifestyle Brand

Venice California-based brand Electric & Rose is making their mark in the world of premium clothing for an active lifestyle. We sat down with founders, designers, husband and wife Eric Balfour and Erin Chiamulon for a perosnal interview about the brand and them. Check it our below.


What is Electric & Rose?

“It’s not a simple answer, sure it’s a clothing line and active line. It’s the embodiment and lifestyle of everything we get to live. For us and our vision, we want it to be a physical embodiment of sharing positivity, creativity, and free thinking. Beyond the clothes, it becomes the identity for people. The ability to identify yourself with an idea.”


 How would you describe the brand?

“Electric & Rose is a girl who does yoga with her boyfriend who surfs, and the “LOVE” they have for each other.”


When and where did it all begin?

“Before marriage, Erin had her own cotton base company and sort of ended it, sold it and she thought “What do I do next”? Eric always wanted to get into the fashion industry but didn’t know a lot of ways to go about it. There wasn’t a lot of active wear that falls into fashion. It was all about creating something along those lines. The traditional workout brand and the traditional surf brand but there wasn’t one that tapped into the arts. Vinny Mureno (Eric’s yoga teacher) sort of sparked the formula that he needed to get, which was sort of the beginning of Electric & Rose. Your first collection is your worse collection and we looked back and say wow we’ve come so far.”


 What do you gain inspiration from?

“First and foremost it comes from our neighborhood Venice LA, the culture and the art that’s everywhere. We have such an amazing melting pot of different cultures, ethnicities, as well as the traveling experience going to Australia and Mexico. The next component is the functionality and how we use our own clothes. We go to yoga every day, surfing, hiking. Always finding ways to create more. Music and art play such a huge role. All these different guys creating abstract beauty which all sort of comes together. We don’t want to offer something you can get somewhere else.”


Where do you see yourselves going with Electric & Rose? NYFW, LAFW?

“On one side you try to plan and set goals, but at the same time, you have to be open to where the path is leading you. For us, it’s about continuing to grow. We’re still infants so we’re learning and creating a consistency that people can depend on us. Continuing to be innovative and fresh. It’s like musicians you have to stay hungry, constantly pushing yourself with something that’s different and new. Right now it’s about execution. This brand is our baby, we love it. The difference between success and failure is the ability to not give up. You have moments when you panic, you may not be able to fix it, but you have to be able to move forward and keep the brand alive.”


How do you incorporate love, health, and fun all into the brand?

“That’s the easiest part of what we do. Because it’s born out of who we are it doesn’t take a lot of effort. We didn’t create a clothing line out of what we thought people would like if it was marketable, we did it out of who we are. Were Flexitarians when we don’t always like to be healthy, we like pizza. Part of Electric & Rose is accepting who you are and what you love.”


If you had to do it all over again would you do it and how?

“HELL YEAH. Man, there’s so many lessons you learn along the way, but the one lesson we’ve learned is you can’t try to design what you think people want. You design what inspires you and that’s all that matters. There was a time we questioned everything based on what everyone else was doing. Now we’re like this is who we are, this is what our brand is. It’s been such an amazing journey building this thing especially with my wife who I love. It has its challenges” says Eric.

Be sure to check out their website www.electricandrose.com and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @ElectricandRose for all their latest gear.



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