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Electronic Muscle Stimulation Training May Take Fitness To Another Level


The usage of electronic muscle stimulation training may take fitness to another level according to Coach Magazine.

EMS have the muscles stimulated by an electrical current going through pads and clothing in contact with the skin of the body. The Tron-effect suit sends electronic waves to all part of the body, adding extra resistance to movements of an exercise.

It is used in high intensity interval sessions. These type of classes usually are less than 40 minutes, because more intensity in a short amount of time is better than long boring classes more than an hour and a half. This training can make a 25-minute workout be just as effective as 90-minutes of different exercises. At first it’s nerve wrecking for the individual not use to fitness. For those that are intermediate or expert fitness gurus, they find the challenge exciting.

The individual can start to have electric pulses going down the body. Even using two or five pounds of dumbbells makes the workout vigorous than before. At the end of the workout, the individual feels a electronic massage shocking the whole body.

This type of training can not only make the individual stronger, but help with nagging injuries such as back pain or knee problems. EMS can definitely help out gyms in the United States as it continues to be an interesting product for years to come once they receive it.

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