New York Fashion Week will be experiencing a long line of changes for 2015.  Last month, Bombshell caught wind of two juicy fashion rumors: Fashion week will no longer have a home at Lincoln Center and Mercedes Benz will no longer be the sponsor.

The speculation about the Fashion Week Chaos first made headlines in mid-November but many of the fashion elite denied the accusations that were being speculated across all media platforms.  Confirmation came today from the trusted reporters at Buro 24/7 and the rumors have been proven true.  After February, Lincoln Center will no longer be home to our beloved Fashion Week and instead of being called Mercedes Benz Fashion Week it will now go by the name-New York Fashion Week.


But wait this story gets even juicier…

Although Mercedes Benz has said so long to New York Fashion Week, the brand is now rumored to be sponsoring MADE Fashion Week–a rival organization created by the founders of MILK studios.  MADE Fashion Week is alleged to be a more hip version of the previous Fashion Weeks.


While we all sit back and wait to see if the MADE rumors are true or not, a spokesperson from Mercedes recently told WWD, ” Our relationship with fashion is not ending and we do support fashion globally.”

Stay Tuned as The Fashion Week Madness unfolds!