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Entourage NEW Release Date + LeBron James To Drop “Entourage” Inspired Sneaker

So it seems that the release of the highly anticipated Entourage movie has even inspired LeBron James!  Less than one month before the premiere of Entourage , rumors are circulating that James will be releasing a new ‘Entourage’ sneaker with colorways inspired from the hit HBO TV series original poster on May 7th. The Nike LeBron 12 Low features the familiar blue and gold colorway from the series poster on the Low version of King James’ latest. While Lebron doesn’t make a cameo in the new Entourage movie a few of his fellow sports pros like Kevin Durant, Mariano Rivera, Mark Cuban, Mike Richards, Amar’e Stoudemire and Michael Strahan def get some shine on the big screen.
Entourage has a NEW release date of JUNE 3rd!  Make sure to let your readers know they can check out the film on this NEW date and let us know if you need anything else!
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