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Ex-NFL Star Will Smith Shot To Death In New Orleans

Photo by REUTERS/Sean Gardner

Ex-NFL Star Will Smith, part of the Super Bowl Championship team for the New Orleans Saints, shot to death by a gunman name Cardell Hayes.

Smith, along with his wife Racquel, was rammed by the gunman near French Quarter in New Orleans. Investigators are determining whether the incident was caused by road rage or another motive.

“Our investigation continues as to the motive of this shooting and whether or not Smith and Hayes knew each other prior to this incident,” Police Superintendent Michael Harrison said during a news conference on Sunday according to Yahoo Sports.

The police arrested Hayes and charged with second-degree murder according to the Twitter account of the New Orleans Police Department. Some of this may factor on a man with the same in 2005 suing the Police Department on the shooting of his mentally ill father. Smith dined with a police officer name William Ceravolo Saturday night, who was involved in the federal lawsuit and may or may not be a factor in the shooting.

Smith had a great career with the Saints before retiring in 2014. He was recognized as one of NFL’s top defensive ends in the league, putting up solid numbers. He’s had some troubles in the past when he was suspended for being part of the bounty scandal, taking out players for money.

However, just like any other athlete in the NFL, Smith’s made mistakes over the years. But he also gave back to the community to make it up. The NFL, social media and fans of the game were stun when this hit the news. Hopefully justice is serve, but it just shows where the NFL is now with players retiring and being part of crimes.

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