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FALLing For Velvet

Tabatha Coffey once said “Classics never make a comeback. They wait for the perfect moment to take the spotlight from overdone, tired trends.” Dating back to 786, yes that’s right 786 Velvet has transformed from eastern cultures such as Baghdad, across Europe where it had strong Nobility that started trade which ultimately made its way to America. It has become the once in the past trend our parents and even ancestors grooved in style to from our favorite timeless shows such as Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Saved By the Bell, to the runway and certainly the “In Style Look” for the fall season. Those curious as to what velvet is or even what it’s made out of here, is a little 101 on its fashion greatness. “Velvet” refers to the structure of the fabric, not the fiber, i.e. cotton or wool. It is typically woven (the knit version is referred to as velour). The fabric is characterized by its pile, or raised loops or tufts of yarn that cover its surface.

Giving you that dope and interesting look pops with any color you put to it. As well as the feeling of heaven touching the fabric with all of its softness. Some well-known designers hit the Fall 16 runway with the much anticipated trend such as Balmain, Givenchy, Alberta Ferretti, Dries Van Noten, and Rochas. If it isn’t celebrities such as Rihanna, Tom Ford, Kanye, The Kardashian clan and even Joe Jonas spotted in some Velvet, you can catch some interesting street styles of people in Soho NYC, Paris, Milan and London. It’s safe to say everyone is tapping into the past to bring out the new velvet that’s living and still leaving an incredible mark in the fashion world. Even if it’s a temporary trend, it has come back bigger, better and you can expect to see more velvet for the fall and winter season. The beauty about it is seen through our style because it is the doorway to endless possibilities of creativity, the place where fashion resides. VIVA LA VELVET.

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