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FBI Changed Syed Farook’s iCloud Password To Access Recent Messages

FBI Director James Comey (Reuters, Kevin Lamarque)

The FBI denied reports of an accusation made by Apple executives that the government is pursing them to unlock an iCloud password for investigating purposes.

The FBI said they obtained the iPhone 5c used by Syed Farook on Dec 3. Farook killed 14 people in a shooting at San Bernardino California during a office party. Last week the San Bernardino County changed the passcode without the authorization of the FBI. This is now delaying their investigation on Farook.

“There might be information on the phone that would not be accessible without Apple’s assistance … since the iCloud backup does not contain everything on an iPhone,” said the bureau statement Sunday according to the International Business Times. “As the government’s pleadings state, the government’s objective was, and still is, to extract as much evidence as possible from the phone.”

The Apple CEO wants to fight this situation as this can create a serious security vulnerability for all users using the same operating system. This can violate some amendments if the government intends to do that. The people wouldn’t agree, even if it is for investigating purposes.

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