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F**ck the Summer Up: TIDAL’s Growing Summer Playlist


There’s nothing like having your car windows rolled down, with your sound system JUMPIN, and having some of the hottest music tucked away in your playlist army ready to put the rest of the world on to what you’re bumping to. TIDAL has made that dopeness so easy with this new Exclusive F**ck the Summer Up Playlist. Featuring hot artists like, A$AP Rocky, Jeremih, J.Cole, Fetty Wap, LION BABE, Drake, and Nicki Minaj this playlist is already off to a HAWTTTTT start.


If you haven’t gotten on the TIDAL wave already, we most certainly hope you get on board and start your summer off right! It’s more than worth it. Having just about every song imaginable in the palms of your hands with all the skip, playback, and streaming freedom is more than clutch. IT’S GENIUS! Thank You HOV, we appreciate you!

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