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Five Great Reasons To Download DrinkSpottr On Your Phone Right Now!

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Every day people usually go to bars with friends and coworkers to drink and socialize. Sometimes it’s hard to decide where to go because of location or a specific time within the week. They look for reviews on the bar, which is more time and can make others frustrated on where to go for drinks.

Well those problems are now solved. The app DrinkSpotter turns all these problems into solutions. It gives the user options on the best bars in their city, lets them connect with friends using Facebook. Here are five great reasons to download DrinkSpottr, created and answered by Anticia Whitehead, on your phone right now.

1. Never be lonely

You will always find your friends. In New York City, it’s a city full of millions. But we are all individuals and it can be very lonely. Part of this reason for the app is to counteract that. So you can literally look on the map from the app and see people around you. See where they are and communicate with them within the app. There’s messaging programmed within DrinkSpottr.

2. Bartenders in our app have a top billing, like special privileges

They are the expert drinkers. They know where to drink, they know what to do. You always want to make friends with the bartender. If you utilize DrinkSpottr, you have access to the best bartenders. You can literally send them a message and say “hey I see you at Sweetwater Social tonight, I’m in the neighborhood and what sup”. The fact that you coming from DrinkSpottr, the bartender will be more receipted to that. More features for this option in the works.

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