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Flippin’ The Media Script: Chris Brown

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The past 6 years of Chris Brown’s career haven’t necessarily been ‘spotless’. From domestic violence disputes, relationship hopping, baby surprises and incarceration, the young R&B star is always popping up in tabloids as ‘The Bad Guy”. As with most celebrity news and gossip the bad elements of their forever-watched lives are always highlighted. But what about those good moments? Those unexplainable talents that made us as fans and admirers fall in love with these troubled celebrities in the first place? Have we become so thrilled off of bad news that we can’t take a second to acknowledge the good? Instead of shouting out celebrity failures (no matter how interesting they may be), let’s stop whispering their accomplishments and give their successes the same glory.

Here’s a look at what makes Chris Brown, the celebrity he is today, and why supporters have stuck with him and remained ‘Loyal’, from back in those ‘Run It’ days until now.

Chris Brown 2005



“How every man tried to get a girl back in the summer of  ’05, “Yoooo, I don’t know your name but…”

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