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For Now The Mets Are New York’s Baseball Team, Not The Yankees

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The Mets right now are the best baseball team in New York compared to the Yankees, and it’s not even close.

It’s been a long time since the Mets were relevant in the city. The Yankees fans are so accustom to the level of expectations are on the players for the best franchise in sports. The motto is simple and to the point: Win a world series or you stink if you lose. Over the past few years since they won in 2009, it hasn’t lived up to their standards. The Yankees know how fans are reacting with this disappointing start to the season.

On the Mets side, winning games put’s confidence on the team moving forward. Coming off a World Series berth, they know this is the time to rise. This is the moment of taking over the town with a World Series championship since 1986. They have the pitching staff in Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Steve Matz and Noah Syndergaard. Offensively not there yet for them to blow teams out, but enough to win in close games.

The Yankees have too much going on with the roster build by general manager Brian Cashman. They can’t rely on an aging Carlos Beltran and Alex Rodriguez. Don’t get fans started on Jacoby Ellsbury, who continues to be the worst player when it comes to durability. Pitching wise, not even close with the amount of inconsistently displayed on the field.

So the fans for the Mets are in a very, very happy situation compare to the Yankees. Whether it ends with a title or not, enjoy it Mets fans cause it might not last for a long time, unless they suddenly become a dynasty.

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