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Former WNBA Player Lisa Leslie Discussed National Rotisserie Chicken Day And Hall of Fame Induction


From playing basketball to achieving excellence and helping in the community, former WNBA Player Lisa Leslie discussed National Rotisserie Chicken Day and being inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.

On Jun 2 Leslie partnered with Boston Market and announced National Rotisserie Chicken Day in the United States. She is encouraging Americans to eat healthier and making it easy for the moms that cook everyday for their families.

“We are just encouraging people to step aside, get away from fried and make healthier choices, so I’m really excited that we’re kicking this initiative off , but I also hope to encourage moms and let them know I understand their struggle,” said Leslie. “I have little ones at home and a husband and I’m a working mom as well and sometimes you don’t always get the food to the table in time so Boston Market is a great option.”

Rotisserie chicken has been a favorite food choice for Leslie in her WNBA career. She use to eat chicken most of her career along with pasta and salads. She was the type of person that would eat the same meals over and over, but learned to become creative by making sandwiches and wraps.

Although this is an option for a healthier food choice, it depends on the choices that adults and children make. Leslie believes children have a lack of nutrients due to the absence of vegetables and a balanced meal. The Rotisserie chicken from Boston Market can be a well balanced meal with sides like potatoes, pasta and salads.  It also depends on changing your eating habits which everyone should strive to do and avoiding fast food.

“Fast food has very little nutritious value and you can see the results. That’s why you have  7, 8 and 10 year old kids that can barely walk,” said Leslie. “They are very obese and it’s unusual but the pattern is going to continue to grow unless we do something about it.”

Not only did Leslie talk about Rotisserie Chicken Day, but her induction into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.  The Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame will be on June 13th and Lisa stated that she is very excited about the induction.  When it comes to success it wasn’t just her, but her family and coaches that helped. They have all been extremely supportive and proud of what she has accomplished over the course of her career.

Her 12 years playing in the WNBA she averaged 17.3 points, 9.1 rebounds and 2.3 blocks. She was considered one of the pioneers of the league and contributed to the of the Los Angeles Sparks.

“It’s been good for me, I think I can truly say I gave it my all,” said Leslie. “I think if you look at points I could have averaged 30 points but I felt like what type of teammate would I be.  I was a giver type  of teammate and I like to make people around me better. I never really got hung up on the numbers as much. Rebounding and blocking shots and being a great defender meant more to me.”

She started to play basketball at 12 years old and worked extremely hard to get to where she is today. Before the WNBA had drafts, they placed players. The league was established in 1997, the year where Leslie got placed to the Los Angeles Sparks.

She was thrilled playing in her hometown and learning from the greats in the NBA such as Magic Johnson, Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant. Leslie accomplished so much in the WNBA from winning MVPs, becoming an all star and delivering championships. Leslie’s experienced playing for the USA Basketball team and winning an Olympic gold medal which she states was the most cherished moment in her life.

“My whole career I always said that the most special moment for me was winning the first Olympic gold medal in 1996 because it was here in the US.” said Leslie. “Having 35,000 Americans chanting USA in the dome….it doesn’t really get any better than that.”

Although she retired from the game of basketball, her presence is still strong. She gave advice to Sparks Star Candice Parker on taking care of her body and being a better player. Her legacy is defined by making players better and being a role model.

“What I think I’m most proud of  about my legacy is just the reward that the game is giving me,” said Leslie. “The ability to play and never have any major injuries and to be a role model for the young girls and boys. To have had my family name on my back worn with a lot of pride and integrity means everything for me.  I’m happy with that and I’m at peace.”

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