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Four Greatest Cities For Food

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When it comes to traveling around the world, there are many cities that have great food. Some of them share delicious dishes from restaurants or creative recipes that are being displayed to the public. Here are four greatest cities that each traveler needs to go to for food.


1. Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo isn’t just a city for travelers that love sushi. It also has tonkatsu pork cutlets, unagi eel to okonomiyaki pancakes and all things tofu. Some of the best restaurants in Tokyo focus around Japanese cuisine. They are even affordable for those that have low budgets to save for the week.


2. New York

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Visiting New York every restaurant or food spot is part of another culture, like a melting pot. Whether it’s hispanic food or a steakhouse, those options can’t be ignored. The traveler should also go to the Grand Central Oyster Bar, which they serve some of the best oysters in the state that has been opened since 1913.


3. Lyon, France

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Lyon is the perfect place to try out the best 0f French gastronomy. It ranges from bouchons to tablier de sapeur to the cervelle de canut. These are some of the more creative cuisines for those that love French food. Expect it to be delicious and sweet.


4. Barcelona, Spain

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Can’t go wrong for any traveler going to Barcelona and eating the fresh seafood along with a nice alcohol beverage from family-run tapas bars. The city also has healthy sparkling Michelin stars for those that don’t want to drink alcohol and still enjoy themselves.

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