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Frank + Oak Launches New App To Elevate Customer Experience

Frank + Oak announced today a transformed customer experience focused on guiding and elevating its users. The vision comes to life in a brand new app, website and store concept. These three elements are wrapped in a new visual identity that is subtle, yet highly symbolic. 

“Every change we’re making is considered and only in the service of making the experience better. Our brand transformation is not merely a visual change: it’s about owning our purpose. The new visual identity has deep meaning behind it. It represents our role in helping our customers reach the next stage in their journey”, says Eric Alper, Frank + Oak’s CMO.

Some highlights of the app include guided shopping, where Frank + Oak’s stylist team can shop with users on the app, and make recommendations through live chat as you shop. Also available is two-hour delivery on a curated assortment of core apparel and grooming items in select markets starting with Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and expanding to all other US and Canadian Frank + Oak markets by September 2016.

This evolution follows a relaunch of the company’s highly successful frequent shopper program, Frank + Oak Elevate, and the entry of the brand into 40+ international markets.

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