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Gentlemen’s Factory By GroomedSuccess Delivered A Remarkable Launch Party

Last Thursday night at the BKLYN Commons, the Gentlemen’s Factory by GroomedSuccess held a launch party on the celebration of their new space and future goals. This event had a handful of men gathered together to network and meet new people. GroomedSuccess specifically taught these men how to dress properly, be more approachable and the dos and don’ts of how to correctly wear a suit to be successful in today’s world. There were also pieces such as pocket squares, ties, and bow ties, as well as cuff links all for sale throughout the night.


Here people learned how strong your presence is with the way you stylize yourself. There  was a demonstration on how to “up your look” simply by adding pieces to your suit whether it is a handkerchief, belt or hat.


Check out below our Q & A interview with Jeff Lindor, founder of GroomedSuccess:


Q: So tell me more about your company Jeff how did it all started?


A: So the concept actually started when I was in graduate school and I took a social entrepreneurship class, where I learn how to build an enterprise and helping society. I was always passionate about fashion and always passionate about community, so I just merge those two worlds together and started GroomedSucess.


Q: Exactly what are the goals for GroomedSucess?


A: So originally it was events. I just did mixers, gentlemen brunches and a number of different events and social gatherings, specifically amongst men of color. The first event was a gentlemen’s brunch and we had around 40 guys. Then we just kept on doing more events and our last event we had a group of 300 guys. So then that’s when I realize that this is a strong movement and we needed to put some strong operations behind it.


Q: And for the launch party this is for your new space right?


Yes so this is the new space. When I was doing GroomedSucess at the graduate school, I worked full-time in city government, in the department of correction helping with their huge perform agenda on Rikers Island. Being expose to what was going on in criminal justice, particularity related to men of color, it really strengthen my passion to find more meaningful solutions to the citizens of men and also just the empowerment of color in general. I left my job on Sept 30 of last year and then from there I incorporate a professional development curriculum. We go out to schools and teach young men a variety of skills, ranging from defining your professional look to social media etiquette to how do you land the right job. Really going back into the mission, which is a Gentlemen’s Social Network that helps men navigate, participate and succeed in today’s world.


Q: What are your missions plans this year? Do you have any goals that you want to accomplish?


A: This is a huge goal right here so we are gonna increase memberships. So the memberships here is during the day where men can connect and grow. And we are gonna have an after work membership where after a gentlemen work’s from 9-5, there will be countless activities, events and partnerships here as well. It’s really a gathering space for men of color to learn, build, connect, and grow with them.


Q: Do you think this is your greatest achievement thus far in your life?


A: My greatest achievement was marrying my wife, that’s my greatest achievement. But I tell you this certainly is high on my list.


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