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‘Get Out’ Horror Film Review


For a very long time, horror/thrillers became a genre audiences sought out to watch less and less in theaters.  Somewhere along the line, directors and screenwriters alike lost their edge in providing a moment that transcends from the story to the big screen. The deliberators surrendered their power to yield a moment that could have possibly stayed with its audience for countless sleepless nights. With Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” that isn’t the case — at all!


The film features a few big names such as Allison Williams who plays Rose Armitage, Catherine Keener playing Missy Armitage, & Bradley Whitford who plays Dean Armitage. However there were a few lesser known names, nevertheless ones we must all keep a keen eye out for such as Daniel Kaluuya who plays Chris Washington, and Kaleb Landry Jones who plays Jeremey Armitage.


From the beginning of the first few scenes, it became apparent that it was an expertly crafted nightmare. With the normal and legitimate happenstance of reaching the relationship milestone of taking out the time to go meet the parents, what could go wrong, right? WRONG! So many unexpected occurrences take place in that long weekend up in the suburbs. It is no surprise that Peele would add racial commentary into a horror film when the plot reveals to make the perfect account of a black man walking into a white person’s neighborhood. The possibilities of what could happen next are endless. With great symbolism of race and personification, “Get Out” quickly became my favorite thriller of the year thus far. With the scenes only growing increasingly in relevance to our times and enough racial satire to make you cringe, it was an outstanding blend of both dynamic elements of horror yet seamlessly touched relevance towards America’s current events.


I easily give “Get Out” a 10 out of 10!

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