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Ghost Brothers Cast Discussed Their New Show Premiering On April 15th

Ghost Brothers
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A new show call “Ghost Brothers” premiere’s Friday, April 15th on Destination America. The show is based on three individuals: Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey. Dalen and Juwan both fashion designers, Marcus a barber. These group of men are an investigative team. The crew discussed what the new show is and uncovering information about these haunted houses being for real.

You guys together are a investigating team. Who came up with the idea of two fashion designers and a barber being on one team?

Dalen: We are all just been friends. I don’t think your career backgrounds had anything to do with it, it’s always been our relationships. I met Marcus a little after college and we all just linked up. It’s our friendship that bonded us together, not necessary our careers.

Specifically what is the show about for those that don’t know?

Juwan: It’s just a refreshing, real perspective on paranormal accusation with a comedic layer. We are three guys, who are amateurs in the field and we are doing the best we can.

Where does the show take place?

Juwan: We set across the Midwest and the South to tackle six different haunted locations. To provoke the living residents, hotels to Louisiana and we were all over the place.

Why did you want a show about you guys going to haunted houses?

Juwan: We just felt like there was no representation of ourselves in this genre. We never saw a representation of ourselves on any show doing anything like this. People always say black people handle things a little bit differently. We handle things with humor. Humor is always the underlining soul when it comes to us and it’s just cool to be able to voice our expressions and our views. Having the world being able to see were everyday guys set out to find different questions and answers.

Marcus: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with us having curiosity. And even being brave to step outside of own box in what we are typically in code and try to think. I think that’s residences within the show the whole time. It really shows that you can always step outside your own spot and do something outside. Juwan and Dalen are fashion designers and I’m a celebrity barber. We are at the top of our industries, but we want to try something new. What better way to have it documented it then three friends going on a learning experience together.

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