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GOAT Trailer Released!

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Nick Jonas and James Franco are back in their new movie GOAT, scheduled to hit theaters later this year. MTV was the first to air the movie’s trailer and let me tell you, it is a heavy reminder of the fact that hazing still runs rampant across the country.

The trailer starts of innocent enough- a movie about two brothers, one of whom is pledging Phi Sigma Mu fraternity, the other is already initiated as a brother. There’s parties, half naked girls, an exorbitant amount of beer drinking and shotgunning, and the popularity of being associated with the big-name fraternity on campus. But then, the mood turns dark as the hazing begins to unfold. Physical injury, forced alcohol drinking, name calling, and endless amounts of push-ups and exercises are only a small fraction of the hazing incorporates in its regime. A voice is heard as the trailer goes on: “Look, we haven’t been doing anything that every other fraternity on this campus hasn’t been doing.” This movie trailer is fascinating because it seems to illustrate the real-life point of desperation fraternity (and, by extension, sorority) pledges face while trying to be initiated into their organization, and to what lengths they will go to achieve that goal. GOAT looks interesting enough to watch, but it is definitely not for the faint of heart.

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