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Google’s Self-Driving Cars Will Honk If You Don’t Pay Attention On The Road

REUTERS/Elijah Nouvelage

“As our honking algorithms improved, we’ve begun broadcasting our car horn to the world,” the report said according to the Huffington Post. “If another vehicle is slowly reversing towards us, we might sound two short, quieter pips as a friendly heads up to let the driver know we’re behind,” it continued. “However, if there’s a situation that requires more urgency, we’ll use one loud sustained honk.”

Google’s self-driving cars taking safety procedures to another level as honking can save a person’s life on the road. They are becoming a lot smarter and aware of their surroundings. Although these are prototype vehicles, the process has already begun. This development makes a driver more focused than before, but it can be dangerous.

The driver’s mindset might turn into a lazy one based on everything being automatic. Whether it may happen or not, the future comes close to self-driving cars becoming an existence in society.


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