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Have No Fear, Jaden Smith is Here?: GQ’s Scoop on the Teen’s Cape Outings


Leopard print tights, dresses that double as t-shirts, a pair of dope kicks and an all white Batman get-up seem to be a few of young Jaden Smith’s wardrobe staples. Self-expression, talent and unique fashion all things to expect as the seed of his two iconic parents. At just sixteen years old Jaden Smith has paved his own way into fashion and is fighting crime in his Batman suit at one formal event at a time. (Yes, we know how strange that sounds.) Check out Jaden Smith’s interview with GQ to get a glimpse of the young star’s style inspiration.



What’s the first outfit you remember choosing for yourself as a kid?
I remember these duck boots. They were just duck boots, but I would wear the normal Batman suit or my Spider-Man suit with them and never take them off.

When you’re getting dressed in the morning, where do you start? Shoes? Shirt? Explain how you build your look.
First I roll over on the bed I built for myself and look at the ground. If there are clothes I wore from the previous day and they’re not too dirty, that’s what I put on.

What do you feel you’re expressing through style?
I’m just expressing how I feel inside, which is really no particular way because everyday it changes how I feel about the world and myself, but I like wearing super drapey things so I can feel as though I’m a super hero, but don’t have to necessarily wear super hero costumes everyday.

What do you like about animal prints?
I think they’re cool and I used to wear them a lot more when I was a little younger. At 13 I used to call myself the king of animal print, because I would wear them almost everyday, but then I became more conscious and realized I didn’t want to be known as someone who wears animal skins only, so I switched to black.

Why did you wear a white Batman suit to Kim and Kanye’s wedding and prom? Tell us the story behind it.
I wore the Batman suit to heighten my experience at the wedding and prom which was fun, but also at the wedding I felt as though I needed to protect everyone there and needed to have the proper gear to do so.

How does one know when they’ve swerved too far?
Well you can get fined for swerving too hard so it’s tough. People may come up to you and say, “Can you not swerve so hard? I can’t concentrate over here.” Thats a way to know you’ve swerved too hard, but there are so many others.

What’s a style lesson you learned from your dad? Do you have a favorite Fresh Prince look?
My dad went on national television with a crop top on showing his belly button and to this day he regrets it, so I show him pictures of it and he thinks its literally hilarious. Thats my favorite Fresh Prince outfit by far.

Who are your style icons?
My style icons are Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Superman, and Kanye West.

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