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How the Charlotte Hornets Got Back To the Playoffs With Kemba Walker


The Charlotte Hornets are in the NBA playoffs again and online NBA sports betting odds for the team have been looking rather strong. This is impressive as the team went from 33 wins last year to 47. Much of the success of the Hornets comes from the fifth-year point guard for the team, Kemba Walker. Walker has become one of the top players in the NBA thanks to how he has improved dramatically and become a key leader for the team this year.

Kemba Walker has improved his game substantially and it clearly shows how well the Hornets have performed this year. He moved from 17.3 points per game last season to 21.1 points per game this year. His three-point shooting percentage has also gone up from 30.4 percent to 37.4 percent.

Walker’s rebounding and free throw totals have also gone up. His true shooting percentage increased by seven percent to 48.6 percent. The improvement that Walker shown even prompted the Hornets PR team to create a fake political campaign ad promoting Walker’s bid for being the league MVP.

Of course, Walker’s play puts him in the conversion for the MVP title. Stephen Curry clearly improved upon his game this year while C.J. McCollum and Will Barton also been on the rise. Still, Walker continues to compete well when compared with them.

Walker has gotten accolades from coaches and teammates for being a player who cares about his team. He’s always looking to find ways to stand above the crowd. His competitive attitude has been important to the team in general.

The road to success for this season started back in May when Walker said he was ready to work on his skills throughout the offseason. He followed through on his promise as he has adapted his shooting mechanics and worked with great pick and roll skills. This was all to help him find better shooting opportunities. He also worked with a new shooting coach, Bruce Kreutzer.

Walker’s release point was slightly moved to help him keep his elbows in control. He struggled to keep his new release going at the start of the season but he stuck with it and practically mastered the art of shooting. This helped him become a more confident player.

Walker had 52 points in one game this year and thirteen 30-point games. He had seven three-point shots in one game against New York as well. This year he is one of only five players in the league with a total of 1,600 points, 400 assists, 300 rebounds and 100 steals plus 100 three-pointers to go with it.

Walker has proven that he can indeed be a big star in the NBA. He showed plenty of flashes of brilliance in 2011 when he led Connecticut to the NCAA title. Today his great shooting skills and strong floor presence has helped him  become a better overall shooter, and possibly become a more noteworthy figure.

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