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Idris Elba Believes Men Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Fashion

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British actor Idris Elba wants men to stop being intimidated of fashion and wear his Superdry clothing with pride.

Elba team up with a high street retailer to release clothing pieces like a leather bomber jacket, chino shorts and polo tops. The 43-year-old hopes these and others can help males be happy with themselves.

“Some men tend to not know what to wear. And they sometimes tend to be intimidated by someone who’s really well dressed because they can’t wear it the same way,” said Elba according to Forbes. “I thought if I could offer the everyman something that could be seen on me, it might be a good thing.”

The actor, who’s also on the hit show “Luther”, was inspired by his own hectic lifestyle. It dictated what he wanted his clothes to be like and not necessary being graded by fashion designers. Due to his 24/7 job as an actor, Elba doesn’t really have time to deciding on what to wear, and just goes with what he likes.

Every actor should do this more often as it can have an effect on men, knowing that they can be wear what they love to wear and shouldn’t care what people think.

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