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Indiloop App Let’s You Remix Your Favorites


Ever thought to yourself, “man this would be a badass sample!” while listening to music? Well thanks to the music remix and sharing app Indiloop, you can let your inner Kanye West go wild.

Founded in July of 2012, Indiloop allows its users to import samples of any song from a variety of different platforms including Vimeo, YouTube, Soundcloud and Tumblr for their use. Indiloop account executive Michaela Foti called the app, “Instagram for music.”

The apps is fairly easy to use with a very user friendly learning curb. All it takes is pasting a link to the song or selecting it from your smartphone or computer library and within minutes, users can drag, drop, fade, cut, loop and crop their chosen musical musical. Indiloop also has a selection of samples included in the apps for additional. Once a user has their lead track, they can overlay a number of instrumental or vocal stems. These stems are automatically calibrated to match the pitch and rhythm of the lead sample. The result is a super fun way to create catchy songs out of your favorite tracks. Some of the featured tracks of the Indiloop website as of this writing includes a mashup from user Dustin M. Thompson of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby”and Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown” with some Skrillix thrown in for good measure. Another track called “The Dream” by user BigKitty420 features the odd pairing of Rage Against the Machine’s “Testify” and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. The stranger the pairing, the more interesting the potential remix.

Have a remix you’re particularly proud of? You can share it instantly with the Indiloop community. See what others have come up with and see how yours stack up against other remixers on the web. The community is robust and constantly uploading new material, so if you just want to listen to want people have been able to accomplish with the apps toolset, you can get a pretty decent sampling everyday.

Indiloop is available for Apple devices and Android platforms for the low price of free. Be sure to check out the app for yourself and see what you can create.


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