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Inside @KarenCivil’s NYC Stop of her #LiveCivilTour

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Karen Civil stopped by Alley NYC for a New York leg of her #LiveCivilTour. Instead of it being a speech, she hosted a conversation with the founder of Her Agenda, Nesha. During the talk, Karen walked over 200 entrepreneurial women through her journey to being the power player we see today including the details of game changing moments where she was bold to get what she wanted. The hour long convo included more gems then we can summarize so check out a few quotes, we deemed most important takeaways.

So what was the first step? How did you figure it out?

Karen: I used social media to get what I wanted. In the sense of, I started my Backstreet Boy fan site because I wanted to meet them. I thought maybe one day they’ll see my site or Jive Records— or just their manager— would reach out. I entered [into MTV’s TV show] Fanatic. I didn’t win. They picked another girl, but one of the executives of Jive Records reached out. They liked my site. They liked everything about me, and they gave me the opportunity to meet them. Now I’m like, “My fan site got me what I wanted.” This was my first inkling into [the fact that] the Internet [would] be that driving force for me.

The Internet is going to be that place where I can feel that everything can happen. It started with the Backstreet Boys. Then, I had a love for this actor named JD Williams who was from North New Jersey. He was Bodie on The Wire. I loved him. I started this Yahoo Group for him. I was just like, “I feel like he knows about the group. I want to find out if I can meet him, if I can do something. So, I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to say I’m going to sell T-Shirts.” I’m going to pretend I’m making money off of his name. I went to cafeexpress.com and I made all this fake merchandise and pretended that I was selling it. Not even 48 hours later, his lawyer contacted me. He said, “You know, you can’t sell this merchandise.” I was all like, “Yeah, yeah, you know. Well, I already made $2,000.” He was like, “Yeah, well, I’m going to connect you, and I think you two should speak on this.”

Finally, when I got the chance to speak with him, I was like, “I wasn’t really selling your merchandise. I just wanted to talk to you, and I just lied to get what I want. I knew you were checking out the site! I knew it!” I got to talk to him. He actually took me out for my birthday to IHOP, so it was great.

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