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You Got To Move It, It’s Electric

Electric motorcycles are on the rise. The world itself needs a cleaner environment using electricity more. The rider can be using one for shorter time, no gas usage and saving money. They have different top speeds and priced based on the features of the motorcycle. Here are four electric motorcycles on the rise for 2016, making an impact in different ways.




LS­218 Electric Superbike ($38,888)

The Lighting Superbike (LS218) is the world’s fastest production electric motorcycle, getting a timed run at a top speed of 218.637 mph in Bonneville last August. The record was set using solar energy consumption overall. It charges fast in 30 mins on a DC fast charger. 120 minutes on level two charger to achieve it’s maximum potential.



2016 Zero DSR ($14,395)

This electric motorcycle is an upgrade of the Zero DS, delivering 56 percent more torque and 25 percent more power. It also has a 660 amp controller paired with a ZForce motor to produce high acceleration and greater prowess offroad. It’s really for long adventures in the city and beyond that.



Victory Empulse ($19,999)

A street electric race motorcycle capable of accelerating up to 100MPH+ per minute. The battery is fully charged in 3.9 hours, runs at 10,400 watts hours. Weighted at about 470 pounds, the motorcycle proves it’s advancement in technology.



Lito Sora ($77,000)

A combination of style and sophistication make the all new Lito Sora as the world’s first Luxury Electric Superbike. The superbike features touch screen gps, road gripping sensation and high performing brakes. It also has it’s top speed at 120 mph and take nine hours to charge the superbike.



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