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It’s About Time: Men’s Style Section Featured in the NY Times

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For the first time in a decade the New York Times has rolled out a new print section and guess what it is..? MEN’S STYLE!! Given the recent output and displayed interest of men’s fashion over the past year it was only right for one of the Word’s most known periodicals to jump on board.

“The men’s market is very hot right now. Last year, we saw a 30 percent increase in men’s related ads in the newspaper, T, and digital combined. The demand for this is huge.”

-Brendan Monaghan, NYT’s VP of Luxury Advertising

Bringing the world of fashion to the arena of today’s happenings has been creating quite a bit of buzz since its debut this past Friday, April 3rd. The New York Times had originally planned to feature the section in a 12 to 14 page slot, but that just simply wasn’t going to happen for the first issue. After catching the attention of hundreds of advertisers and brands, the ‘Men’s Style” section finished at a whopping 32 page spread, leaving readers with plenty of content to read until the following months issue.


For its first issue, the Men’s Style section covered just about every component for the perfect Spring style from grooming greatness to emoji etiquette and superb Spring suiting. Be sure to check it out right here.

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