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James And Irving Combined For 82 Points To Stave Off Elimination Against The Warriors


We are just happy we got another day, that’s all we can ask for. We got another day to survive,” LeBron James said after the game according to Reuters. “We understand this is a great team no matter who is out on the floor for those guys. They are the champions so we’ve got to be ready.”

James certainly feels happy with the win over the Golden State Warriors. But Kyrie Irving is a big factor of that accomplishment as well. James and Irving combined for 82 points to stave off elimination against the Warriors, and feel optimistic about their chances moving forward. 1st time in NBA Finals history of two teammates each scoring 40+ points, and definitely needing every point to win against a great team.

The best feeling in the world is playing loose knowing everything is going against you. James and Irving definitely show that with isolation basketball at the highest level, regardless of the defender. Maybe the presence of Draymond Green really affected the Warriors offensively and defensively, which help James get easy shots.

Most of his shots were at the basket and having a consistent jump shot. Irving went off against Curry and the rest of the team. It was one of those nights in which everything went in for the two superstars of Cleveland.

The Warriors now need to go on the road to win and become back-to-back NBA champions. But has game five open the door for the Cavaliers to possible get their first title in franchise history? Everyone will find out come Thursday as it comes down to another classic showdown for the ages.

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