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Janet Jackson’s “Dammn Baby” Cracks 1 Million Views in Just Four Days


Almost 50 and still fine as ever, Janet Jackson proved why she’s still an icon. Amidst her stuttering announcement of expanding family plans including her first bun in the oven plus tour delays and rescheduling, Jackson conveniently teased us then officially dropped her brand new music video for “Dammn Baby” – a funky, dance-friendly record that shows us she hasn’t lost a beat.


Shot in black and white with smooth but killer choreography, the clip has already stolen the hearts of her die hard JTribe and JanFam members raking in over one million views on YouTube in just the four days it’s been available for viewing. So lace up those dancing shoes and get ready to check it out below if you haven’t seen what you’ve been missing.

To Janet, we couldn’t be more excited for you during this time of pregnancy, but if this video is any indication of what’s to come one you’re back in action, it’ll be well worth the wait.

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