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Jazmine Sullivan: The Belting Bombshell


Its January 21st at the Mosaic Temple Theatre in Detroit, the night of Sam Smith’s Concert. Opening up by special request from the “stay with me” crooner himself is Jazmine Sullivan standing radiantly in front of thousands of screaming fans. Lights of every color luminously gleam the stage showing the  statuesque silhouette of the belting beauty. Cries of “I love you Jazmine” echo from the balcony. She looks up with a humbled smile of appreciation sweeping the hair from across her face. The first guitar rift of “forever Dosen’t last” begin to play and hands everywhere go flying in the air as if they caught the holy-ghost in church on Sunday morning. She begins spilling out her heart with every lyric, splashing pure passion with every ad-lib, leaving us drenched in emotions. By the end of her set the crowd is in awe from amazement which is Jazmine Sullivan.

With a voice so chillingly charming many have wondered why the sultry songstress has disappeared for the last few years. Calling it quits via twitter tweeting, “I promised myself when it wasn’t fun anymore I wouldn’t do it”, the philly native vanished from the scene. Dealing with life and everything that comes with  it Jazmine faced challenging issues that encouraged her decision not to move forward professionally. In the storm of a toxic filled relationship with physical and mental abuse, the  three year hurricane-like whirlwind was well on its way to devastation  but luckily she made it out just in time. “Sometimes when your in love with someone you pretend to be blind of what’s happening even though everyone around you is telling you to leave”, she says reflectively. “Even deep down you know it’s time to go but love makes you ignore that little voice inside you”.  After almost losing hearing in one ear from an altercation, the R&B darling said enough was enough. Realizing that her current love could possibly take away her first love which is music,  A light went off saying it’s time to go.

Learning from her previous breakup the window shattering diva made the wise decision to pick up the pen instead of the crowbar. Breaking out hits instead of car windows saves the song bird not only jail time but resentment towards her ex allowing her to grow by understand her self worth; thus giving her the idea for the empowering self reflective hem entitled “Masterpiece”.

Using her artistry to heal the warrior wounds of love the unfortunate experiences was used as inspiration to create. As we grew tiresome of the same repetitive turn up music, the same over produced Pop tunes of no substance, weary ears everywhere  can finally rejoiced as we indulged in music’s most overdue album in years which is Jazmine Sullivan’s “Reality show”. With songs such as “If you dare” and “Stupid Girls” reminiscent of the late Amy Whinehouse brilliantly showcases the singers growth. Expanding beyond the soulful ballads we’ve grown to love her for, its refreshing listen to her voice in a different element. “What I hate the most is being placed in a box. I’m a fan of all genres and I glad I had the chance to show that. This time I was able to simply write the things I was feeling and put music behind it instead having to write to a beat.”
As a result, the new process proves that she’s a powerhouse house with a pen. Pumping out fan favorites like “Brand New” & the sassy story of Mr. neglectful “Stanley”. Lyrically her latest project is on another level.

Back in the limelight after a dark duration, jazzy teaches us a valuable lesson that you can but be hurt but not hindered. Facing the highs & lows of love and the lashings of life, somehow, someway, we can get through it. With a new album and U.S tour on the way we can expect much more from ballad blowing bombshell.

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