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Jeremih Covers Our Music Issue: Behind The Beats

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Beast-like beats, captivating the attention of any circumferential ear, boom brashly through the speakers of a stereo. Vibrations echo from the sensual turnt sounds shot by bullets of creative bril-liance. Simultaneouly relatable and alluring lyrics reverberate with such conviction that it’s challenging for a listener not to shout the phrase, “That’s my S**t!” Meanwhile, a certain Chicago crooner pulls the safety off of his audio beretta eagerly awaiting to empty a clip of musical hits. As the competition underestimate’s the unde- niable flare of the underdog, a musical massacre by Def Jam’s very own Jeremih is a sure thing.


“When I dropped my second album, I didn’t like how it was just thrown out there.”

Boots laced for battle, Jeremih has drawn ac- customed to bravely fighting through bombs of industry bull. Entertainment business mo- guls ask, “How do we market him? What musical genre can we classify him in? Do we even want to use our budget to promote him?” All of these are all blunt realities that this singer/songwriter has sadly faced during his tenure. Stranded by the very musical group sworn to support him, Jeremih candidly ad- mits his feelings of abandonment during that period of time. “When I dropped my second album, I didn’t like how it was just thrown out there. It was disappointing because I made a whole body of work that I thought people would hopefully feel. But something wasn’t quite right as far as how it was treated.” As low timbres of disappointment bleed through the rasps of his voice, there is a quick shift to tones of relief. Jeremih continues: “Thank God for 50 Cent because he really made the album and understood how I felt about the songs, and how big [the album] could be. He brought it to life and rode that wave with me. I can definitely say I will never blame anyone for any negativity that has happened to me…but I was disappointed.”


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