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J.Erving: Father, Entrepreneur and R&B Connoisseur


Entrepreneur J. Erving is the epitome of a multitasker.  The music executive is a co-president of the Atom Factory, a management company that represents big names such as Nico and Vinz, Miguel, and John Legend—to name a few.  He also takes an interest in apps, such as Uber. His career path is multifaceted: he is able to be creative through producing music and touring with artists while on the flip side he dabbles in the technology industry and is skilled in branding.  Even though he grew up with the NBA legend Dr. J as a father, Bleu found J. Erving to be a man of humility, with a very down-to-earth spirit.  Despite all of his success as a business man, Erving prioritizes his role as a father and his family above anything else.

julius_j_erving_ty_stiklorius_atom_factory_650He learned the value of family from his mother, a country bumpkin and a huge Luther Vandross fan.  Growing up, J. Erving enjoyed listening to classic R&B such as Patty Labelle and Earth, Wind and Fire. His current day favorites include Jay. Z, Usher, R.Kelly and any other modern R&B goodies.  Aside from his love of music, he also cultivates a love of fashion via his own children’s clothing boutique called Black Sheep Mob. When asked what his personal style is he explained it as “classic”.  He loves buying out of the box fashion pieces, but he overall likes keeping it simple on an everyday basis.  Fifteen years in the business under his belt, and yet  J. Erving feels as though he still has a lot to learn.  Who wouldn’t be eager to follow this man’s success story?  As it is inspiring, to say the least.

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