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Jhené Aiko Souls Out for Samsung in SoHo


Sunday, September 28th at the Samsung Galaxy Studio in SoHo, Jhené Aiko took the stage with an acoustic performance bringing some star power to Samsung’s release of their new Galaxy Alpha Phone. Her intimate performance showcased new songs featured on her newly released album, Souled Out- that debuted September 9th. Her sultry and poetic style, mixed with her urban and ever-relatable lyrics kept the crowd not only listening, but also empathetically singing along to the entire set.

Beginning with the first segment of VIP Access, Meet & Greet “selfies” and snapshots, Jhené seemed more than ready to put on what was an immaculate show. After her crew set up her miniature Persian Rug, lit a stick of incense and set aside her Oriental teacup, she began angelically harmonizing with the acoustic background music.The combination of Jhené  and her lone guitarist created a sense of intimacy between her and the crowd.

Before finishing off the night with the final round of meet and greets, she rolled into the performance of her biggest single, “The Worst,” leaving the crowd hyped and in awe. Samsung’s set up of an open bar, unique refreshment options and cool lounge-like spaces left a great opportunity for Jhené lovers to mix and mingle.

Be sure to get her album, “Souled Out”, if you haven’t already.

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