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Jon Buscemi Luxury Sneaker Featuring Black Swarovski Crystals

Luxury sneaker maker, Jon Buscemi has brought an entirely new feel to his already successful high-end MM Collection. This new addition to the MM Collection is marketed at $2,100; almost doubling the price of the collections current high priced kicks.

When were used to putting in for raffles on Jordan releases that average about $200, the thought of spending over 2k on a sneaker seems a little steep. What are you really getting for $2,100? The simple answer to that is fine craftsmanship. Composited of a full-grain Italian calf leather upper, hand painted edges, and the main feature of black Swarovski Crystals; this sneaker exudes the feel of luxury.  The crystal encrusted tongue and heel collar really add some spark to the monochromatic shoe making it just that much more appealing. Jon Buscemi’s Swarovski encrusted 125MM sneaker is the real “Must Have” of this season.

For more details about Buscemi’s new releases and a full view of the MM collection, check out, www.jonbyscemi.com .

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