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Joseph Solis: Hospitality Expert, Celebrity Mixologist, and TV Host


By Patti Swayne

Joseph Solis is an expert in wine, spirits, nightlife, and luxury. As the owner of Sol Hospitality Group, he dedicates his focus to mixology and the art of entertaining. With his first book, radio, and TV show underway, Joseph is pushing is brand of Success, Inspiration, and Prosperity to the masses with S.I.P. with Solis, and he plans to empower the urban gentleman, one sip at a time.


What do you do?


I am a marketing and creative events executive turned Hospitality Expert. As a former agent, I owned a multicultural agency, and also worked for the Moet/Hennessy brand for a very long time. I know all there is to know about celebrating and success, now I’m claiming my spot as the Diddy or Martha Stewart of Entertaining.


Have you experienced a defining moment in your career?


It was the 2006 or 2007 Grammys, a Hennessy event I was in charge of, and I happened to look at the table to the left of me, and there was Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, and Prince sitting together at a party I orchestrated, and I thought, “Yes, this is it. I can die happy.”


What is the biggest misconception about entrepreneurship?


That success happens overnight and does not take much work. And the work is not all in your thumbs, it is not just on Instagram or Facebook. You think it is glamorous that I’m the CEO, but I’m also the receptionist, the cleaning lady—I do it all. There will be crazy highs and deep lows. When you jump off a cliff with no safety net, all you have is your belief in yourself and your belief in God, and that is all you have to move on.


Tell me about your work ethic.


I’m self-made. Three lessons I learned very early: 1. Fake it ‘til you make it. Meaning, immerse yourself in the craft, learn everything about it, and act like you know what’s going on until they believe in you enough to give you a shot. 2. Get in where you fit in.  If you come into the company as the mail boy, you better kill it as the mail boy, and don’t think you’re above the work. You never know who’s watching. 3. Gratitude – Be grateful for everything you have, I don’t care how small.


What is the most humbling moment?


I don’t know yet. I’ve hit many rock bottoms, but life is a process. I believe you should always remain humble regardless of health, wealth, etc. I’m constantly reminding myself to stay grateful and humble.


How do you relieve stress?


I’m a big believer of you’re never given more than you can handle at that given time, so meditation and prayer. Getting lost in music. But the main thing is COOKING! I’m a trained chef; I started with food before cocktails. I’ll cook meals that take 6-8 hours, put on amazing music, drink good wine, and that is my zone—instant stress reliever.


LA or NY?

I’m from NY but I am bicoastal out of necessity, and I love both. Thankfully, I created and manifested a life where I don’t have to choose.

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