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Jovel Roystan: Content Creator/Blogger

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Jovel Roystan lives in the fashion world but doesn’t necessarily abide by fashion’s rules. His brand, as he explains it, is more about a look rather than a label. The 27-year-old content creator, blogger, and style-influencer also shares his gifts with ASOS US as a social media executive.


In a few words…tell me about your brand.  


Essentially, I think everything I do from my website, to Instagram, is just really about being creative, whether that be through style, cool projects, or by interacting with my audience and giving them cool information to go back and flex their style muscles with.  Most of my life is social. I stay connected to my phone frequently. But it all revolves around style. And just being cool, doing cool stuff and pushing myself to do better.


When did you first notice you had something more than just the fashion bug?


I realized during my freshmen year at Morehouse that I liked the industry and wanted to do something [with fashion].  My friends and I were involved in a lot of fashion-related things on campus. I think we stood out for our style. We were a little funkier and more outlandish than the general guys at an all-male institution. The circles we found ourselves in kind of presented more and more opportunities.  And from there, I think I just kept trying new things. I was the editor-at-large for Kontrol Own. I’ve done fashion shows. I’ve done the blogging stuff. I’ve really done a lot of things in the industry. I think it just continues to elevate.


Was there ever an “aha” moment when you realized you’re doing what you love to do?


Me being able to support myself in a city like New York was that moment. But also doing the things I wanted to do, that was kind of an “aha” moment because I was like, “Yo! I really live in New York City and I’m a twenty-something. I’m living my dream, and doing it very comfortably.” God just continues to bring more opportunities and that’s not something I take for granted. There’s a lot of those “aha” moments but with each one, [it’s] as fresh as before.


What was your first big foray into the fashion industry?


My first fashion week was a big moment for me. That was in February of 2011. It was my first experience in New York, and it really was the catalyst that moved me to figure out a plan, get myself together, and get my brand together in order to make it possible for me to come back to New York. I interned for Uptown Magazine that week, so being able to write for a website and see my work online and actually attend fashion shows, and do all the things that kids dream of doing, was really a special experience.


What advice would you give someone who wants to get into the fashion industry?


Make moves and don’t be afraid of limitations. Don’t think you can’t do something.


What is your take on the fashion as a whole?


Over the past few years, I’ve realized that fashion is less important to me. Actually for me style is a bigger thing. Now, I don’t really care about what brands are doing. I care about showing people how I bring my style to life.

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