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‘Justice League Dark’ Review: An Entertaining Animated Film Filled With Funny and Dark Moments

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From the cartoon series to animated films, DC is still relevant despite their live action ones being a bust. But now they released a new Justice League film based on a new group of heroes that isn’t the same old characters pit against an all-time villain.


Justice League Dark” presents itself as another chapter of the DC franchise in which magic is being used by the dark forces of evil. While this is the second DC film being rated “R”(other one was “Batman: The Killing Joke“), it delivers a dark, twisted world that is entertaining and scary for the viewers. Exploring this side of the DC universe should be a blueprint for how its films should be. However, it also depends on the story, which it did very well for “Justice League Dark.”


The story itself starts out with civilians around the city seeing demons instead of humans and literally killing them in the process (quite frankly it was disturbing to see that). The Justice League held a meeting to solve the problem, which makes Batman look for supernatural heroes that deal with this sort of dark magic. Hence, he teams up with John Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Jason Blood, and even Swamp Thing. They all figure out what the problem is and go on a search for who’s really behind this.


In all honesty, if any die-hard fan pays attention to the comics and this film, they know it’s really a John Constantine movie. For the non-fans, look closely at Constantine who’s speaking more, interacting with characters and saving everyone most of the time. The whole team is interesting to see as they all have funny and difficult moments. Batman’s humor is priceless, making unnecessary responses even with the bad guys.  Constantine is pretty much a jerk to everyone, which doesn’t matter considering how experienced and arrogant he is dealing with monsters.


Still the pace of the film is rapidly fast since its only an hour and 16 mins long. It transitions from one scene to another, putting the team in awkward situations, even in fights. They all get to know each other and work together at the end to take down the mystical villain. The enemies they face are just disgusting, disturbing and uncomfortable to look at. Director Jay Oliva also made this film have to influences from Harry Potter and supernatural films, giving it a different look. Soundtrack wise, it stands out well with the scenes and gives a horror like theme.


Overall, the film itself is a different twist compared to other Justice League movies. New set of characters, dark moments and Constantine being a hero equals major steps for DC moving forward. Whether if you like Justice League or not, give this a chance as it’s already out on DVD & Blu Ray.


8.5 out of 10

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