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Kanye West Interview With Style.com



Kanye West shuts down New York City with his highly anticipated Yezzy Boost! Will he become the Robin Hood of Fashion?

I might as well declare an interest at the start: I think Kanye West is onto something with the Adidas Originals collection he showed in New York last week. Processing the lessons of the two poorly received ready-to-wear collections he showed in Paris in 2011/2012, he has landed on a new approach, almost in the way that many tech startups these days pivot until they find the path to success. The impetus behind his Adidas line, which is essentially to bring the same level of integrity to mass-market clothing that a company like Apple brings to its products, seems to me a valid and timely one. It’s too early to say if he will succeed—among other things, there is the irony of one of the most visible people on the planet looking to produce clothing that’s almost invisible in its utilitarianism—but when you look at what else exists in the market, I wouldn’t bet against him. Of course, with West, things never proceed in a straightforward manner, and some of his message was lost in the furor around the show in New York.

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