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Kendrick Lamar Continues to Promote Gang Neutrality With Reebok Collaboration.

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Kendrick Lamar joins together with Reebok for their third sneaker installment, anew the Classic Leather silhouette. With the help of Reebok and British Designer Ian Paley, Lamar reaffirms his neutral stance on gang violence. The sneaker features a center-lined seam that splits the red and blue color portions on each respective shoe, with a gum bottom finish for the sole.

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The seams serve as a metaphor for his life decision to remain gang neutral despite living in city demised with polarized conflicts, and violence all around, a story that he shares on his acclaimed debut album Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City released back in 2012. Ultimately, this decision is one that helps give birth to his destined purpose to inspire others to do things that promote positivity.

Since releasing his first album, the born and raised Compton rapper has gone on to release To Pimp a Butterfly, and most recently, untitled unmastered. In both projects Lamar dives into politically charged and psychological themes with his artistic expression of free jazz, avant-garde, and funk style. Lamar hopes that by partnering with Reebok, he could continue to inspire others while staying true to his culture.

The Reebok x Kendrick Lamar Classic Leather will be available at Reebok stores, and online at RU Vila for $110 on July 1st.

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