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King James Thinking Big After Basketball

Lebron James on Hollywood

Lebron aka “King James” plans on building a Hollywood Empire after basketball according to The Hollywood Reporter.

At 30 years old, he still has a lot of years left in him playing basketball.  James is laying out the foundation of his empire. Over his career he has earned about half a billion dollars through endorsements, investments and contracts. Using the money he acquired, James already started doing TV and digital projects.

The projects are a Disney series Becoming, a Starz scripted dramedy Survivor’s Remorse a Bleacher Report reality show Uninterrupted and a trivia game plot show for NBC.

The Disney series Becoming is an half hour documentary about how top athletes got where they are and James was the first person. He hopes that other top athletes are part of the series as well. Survivor’s Remorse is a comedy show following a basketball superstar experiencing new-found wealth and fame. Uninterrupted is a series with short videos of athletes including James sounding off from competition to post-game rituals.

These are just examples of his and other producers projects for the Hollywood empire. In his return for Cleveland he spend one million dollars on renovating his gym and basketball court. He mentor schoolchildren through the Lebron James Family Foundation. He hopes to take advantage of what he is given for his business and life after basketball.

“You definitely want a break at times,” admits James a little later. “But I wouldn’t change shoes with anybody. I’ve been put in this position for a reason; the man above has given me some unbelievable abilities, and I’m going to take full advantage of it while I can.”

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