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Knicks Drafted Kristaps Porzingis In The Fourth Pick Of The 2015 NBA Draft


“In the fourth pick of the 2015 NBA Draft, The New York Knicks select Kristaps Porzingis from Liepaja, Latvia,” said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

The anticipation for all Knicks fans was here on draft night. Everyone wondered who will Phil Jackson take to help Carmelo Anthony and the rebuilding process for the future.  But no one, not even the average Knicks fan would have predicted this pick.

Porzingis came out of no where due to his video clips of him doing drills before the draft came. He is a 7-1 232 pound prospect with a 7-6 wingspan. He is 19 years old that can spread and run the floor and shoot the ball. A lot of NBA scouts and general managers believe he can be potentially be the best player in the draft with his unblockable shot and impressive athleticism.  The upside for him is he can be a rim protector and possibly an all star in three to five years. But the question is can Knicks fans wait for that while they have Melo on contract and free agency coming up?

The Knicks came off of the worst record in franchise history at 17-65. They are restarting the whole team with new players that will play with Melo. The identity of the team is the triangle offense that Jackson wants to install with Derek Fisher being the head coach. They did get Jerian Grant from Notre Dame at 19th who is a good point guard for the offense. Rumors have Greg Monroe and David West coming to the team. They will go after other free agents to make it a veteran team. Porzingis may be the future for smart Knicks fans, but it’s not for a city that wants an NBA championship since 1973.

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