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Knicks Drama And Dysfunctional Environment Continues In Offseason


The New York Knicks continue to be the talked about team even when they aren’t in the playoffs. From the Carmelo Anthony trade sweepstakes to players rebelling against the triangle, which is an absolute disaster, drama and dysfunctional environment drapes all over the franchise in many ways making Knicks fans upset and disgusted.


This all started with the hiring of Phil Jackson and signing Carmelo Anthony to a five-year, $124 million deal. Everyone knew that this was an awful deal for the state of the Knicks, which is in a rebuilding situation. Anthony basically wants the money and believes in his heart that the franchise can win a championship. It is laughable and somewhat stupid to think that because they can’t even attract stars in free agency or develop players.


Most NBA players don’t want to go to New York because of Jackson’s obsession with the triangle, putting cryptic messages on Twitter and being invisible to media outlets other than the recent press conference. The Derrick Rose trade is turning into a major bust, could have gotten something before the trade deadline. Joakim Noah ridiculous contract slowly becoming the worst deal in Knicks history. He can’t stay healthy on the court nor be a presence for the young players. Now Kristaps Porzingis, who is in his second year, doesn’t go to the exit meeting because he’s tired of all the confusion and drama.


Does anyone know how bad this look for the franchise moving forward. Fans are outraged by the horrendous decisions and disgraceful coaching from the Knicks, who should be fined and suspended for providing these results. Anthony is in a very bad situation. According to TMZ, him and La La Anthony living separately. The stressful NBA season took a toll on the couple and resulted into them being separated.


This is what the Knicks do to athletes. They ruined their careers and even affect family members. The dysfunctional environment can literally suck the soul of individual and make them get accustom to losing and drama. Jackson in three years turn the Knicks into an absolute dumpster fire. The light of the tunnel going into darkness for the franchise that needs help as soon as possible. Maybe firing Jackson by owner James Dolan is one way in opening things up, but there are other problems that need to be address for the franchise to be relevant again.

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